China — Writings of Specific Individuals

      Most of the pages on China are organized according to topic, such as on the revolution which led to liberation in 1949, or on the Communist Party of China, or on the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, or on Art & Literature, for example. This section, however, attempts to gather together the writings by (or in some cases about) specific individuals. Included of course is Mao Zedong and other heroes of the Chinese Revolution, but also many nefarious individuals such as Wang Ming, Liu Shaoqi, Deng Xiaoping, Lin Biao, and others. (Also included are some of the more prominent capitalist-roader successors to Deng Xiaoping.) The reason for doing this, of course, is to facilitate the study and investigation into political lines and the roles that specific individuals have played in China.

      Some of the documents listed here are already posted elsewhere on (or other sites), and in those case we are merely providing links to those existing postings. We expect to greatly expand the materials available on this page in the future.

      Except for Mao, whose huge importance to the Chinese Revolution of course demands that he be placed first, all the individuals below are listed in alphabetical order (usually on the basis of their Pinyin surname). In most cases the older form of the name, in the Wade-Giles system, is also added in brackets. We have also included a few Western authors who wrote extensively about China and/or participated in the Chinese Revolution, such as Rewy Alley and Norman Bethune, near the bottom of the page.

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General Biographical Works About China:

Multiple Authors:

Mao Zedong [Mao Tse-tung]   (1893-1976):

*       *       *

Chen Boda [Chen Po-ta]   (1904-1989):

Chen Yi   (1901-1972):

Chen Yonggui [Chen Yung-kuei]   (c. 1915-1986):

Chen Yun   (1905-1995):

Deng Xiaoping [Teng Hsiao-p’ing]   (1904-1997):

Hu Jintao   (1942-   ):

Hua Guofeng [Hua Kuo-feng]   (1921-2008):

Jiang Qing [Chiang Ch’ing]   (1913-1991)   [Mao’s wife]:

Jiang Zemin   (1926-2022):

Kang Sheng   (1898-1975):

Lin Biao [Lin Piao]   (1907-1971):

Liu Shaoqi [Liu Shao-chi]   (1898-1969):

Lu Dingyi [Lu Ting-yi]   (1906-1996):

Lu Xun [Lu Hsun]   (1881-1936):

Peng Dehuai [P’eng Te-huai]   (1898-1974):

Peng Zhen [Peng Chen]   (1902-1997):

Qi Benyu   (1931-2016):

Song Qingling [Soong Ching-ling]   (1893-1981):

Wang Hongwen   [Wang Hung-wen]   (1935 - 1992):

Wang Jiaxiang   [Wang Chia-hsiang]   (  ?   -   ?  ):

Wang Ming   (1904-1974):

Xi Jinping   (1953-   ):

Yao Wenyuan [Yao Wen-yuan] 姚文元   (1931-2005):

Zhang Chunqiao [Chang Chun-chiao]   (1917-2005):

Zhou Enlai [Chou En-lai]   (1898-1976):

Zhu De [Chu Teh]   (1886-1976):

Alley, Rewi   (1897-1987):

Bethune, Norman   (1890-1939):

Hinton, William   (1919-2004):

Myrdal, Jan   (1927-   ):

Smedley, Agnes   (1892-1950):

Snow, Edgar   (1905-1972):

Strong, Anna Louise   (1885-1970):

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