Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF)

      The RDF is a federation of mass organizations in India, including organizations of workers, peasants, youth, students, women, and revolutionary cultural groups. It was formed in 2005 as a merger of earlier organizations, including the anti-imperialist organization, the All India Peoples Resistence Forum (AIPRF).

      The Deputy Secretary of the the RDF, G. N. Saibaba, stated in an interview that the organizations in the RDF function in at least 13 Indian states. He added:

      “In most states, its members and main functionaries are arrested and incarcerated. Hundreds of its functionaries either suffer in prisons or work in different forms. But it still works among the people vigorously. Its members are being branded as having links with CPI (Maoist) just because it also believes in revolutionary transformation of Indian Society. But then an overwhelming majority of the Subcontinent does so.

      “Presently our organization is involved in mobilizing democratic voices against a major military offensive that the Government of India has initiated on the indigenous people of the country, called the Operation Green Hunt (OGH).”

      Many Indian states have therefore not only been attempting to suppress the statements of the RDF, they have gone further and in effect banned the organization entirely. More recently, in August 2012, in what can only be described as a fascist edict, the state of Andhra Pradesh has officially banned the RDF.

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