Military Assaults Against Revolutionaries
and the Masses in India

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh spins a tale
at the start of Operation Green Hunt.

      Like every country ruled by exploiting classes, India is by no means unwilling to use its military against its own people. Indeed, throughout history that has always been one of the primary purposes of armies—to suppress uprisings by the masses.

      In October 2009, the reactionary Indian government began another such military campaign, called “Operation Green Hunt”, aimed (it says) against a Maoist insurrection, but actually aimed against a growing popular revolt of the rural masses, and especially the adivasis, or tribal peoples, in the forested areas of east-central India. The CPI(Maoist), to be sure, is leading and organizing this mass rebellion, but it is a rebellion by the broad masses themselves involving tremendous numbers of people and enjoying very widespread mass support. The Maoists themselves are none other than a section of these masses. And it is against these masses as a whole that the vicious thrust of the military assault is landing.

      In the articles and documents below we will try to report on this and other ruling class armed attacks on the people. Note that most of these articles are from ruling class publications, and the reader will have to keep their capitalist class bias in mind and learn to “read between the lines”.

      [Note added on April 20, 2010:] The new International Campaign Against War on the People in India website (at has a large number of articles and commentaries about Operation Green Hunt and related topics. Another excellent site is the Frontlines of Revolutionary Struggle at These are now the best sites for keeping up to date on news and developments relating to such events and resistance struggles. From now on we will only be posting a relatively small number of the more important articles relating to OGH here on