Manipur - National Liberation
and Revolutionary Struggles

      Manipur was annexed by force by India in October 1949. The people of Manipur have never accepted this and revolutionary nationalist and communist movements have developed to liberate their country. Insurgencies have been underway since at least 1964, and have become more powerful since 1978. There are currently at least 34 groups demanding independence from India, with at least seven of them engaged in armed struggle. The three most prominent of these seem to be the United National Liberation Front (UNLF), the People’s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (PREPAK), and the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), each with thousands of active militants. The smaller Kangleipak Communist Party (KCP), part of which supported Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, split off from PREPAK in 1980.

      The KCP itself split into many pieces after the death of its two most prominent founding leaders. One of these sections was the Kangleipak Communist Party (Maoist), which in 2011 held its first party congress and changed its name to the Maoist Communist Party of Manipur.

      Manipur is kept under virtual martial law by India. Foreigners are not allowed in this region, except for limited and restricted visits to its capital, Imphal. International human rights groups have received many serious reports of human rights violations in Manipur by the Indian Army and security forces, though they have not been allowed to visit and investigate these reports. India’s draconian “anti-terrorism” laws make prosecution of most governmental human rights violations almost impossible.

      For these reasons, and because of Indian government suppression of information from Manipur, it is difficult to find materials about people’s struggles there, or documents from the groups leading such struggles. In the interests of promoting free speech, we will post such documents if we can obtain them.

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Maoist Communist Party of Manipur: Statements and Documents

     [Called the Kangleipak Communist Party (Maoist) until late 2011.]

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