Vietnam — Banned, Suppressed or
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      The great revolutionary struggle of the Vietnamese people for liberation from first French imperialism and then U.S. imperialism was one of the great events of the 20th century. In the future we hope to post many more documents about this great struggle.

      Unfortunately, however, the regime that then came to power in Vietnam was run by oppressive revisionist bourgeois nationalists. Over the decades it has become more and more evident that what is called “socialism” in Vietnam, is actually nothing of the kind. Actual Marxist, revolutionary, and even democratic ideas are banned and suppressed there. It will also be our goal on this site to locate and post news and information about this contemporary suppression of revolutionary and progressive ideas in Vietnam.

      In addition, we will attempt to seek out and post documents here from outside Vietnam which expose and criticize the undemocratic and revisionist nature of the country at the present time.

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