Communist Party of the United States of America

Periodicals Published by, or Associated with, the CPUSA

      Since the CPUSA has been a revisionist or merely reformist organization since the mid-1930s, many of the articles in the journals, magazines, newspapers, and other periodicals made available below should be understood to represent that sort of pseudo-revolutionary political line. For real revolutionaries, this material is mostly like a long series of negative examples of what revolutionary journalism should actually be like. Fortunately, it is also possible to learn from negative examples.

      In some cases, especially with the issues of Political Affairs from the 1940s on, we have posted the issues we have available simply in part because they might be of some occasional interest and because—as far as we know—they were not yet available anywhere else on the Internet.

      If you know of other difficult to find magazines or other periodicals of the CPUSA which it might be useful to post here, contact us at:


Official Bulletin of the Communist Party of America   —   Short-lived internal bulletin for Party members in 1921.

The Communist   —   Monthly theoretical journal during the first quarter century (1919 - 1944).

Political Affairs   —   New name (or replacement) for The Communist beginning in 1945. Ceased publication in 2016.

Party Organizer   —   Monthly journal for CPUSA members (1927-1939).

New World Review   —   Monthly international events journal often focused on the USSR, published in New York City (1933- ? ).

Daily Worker   —   Newspaper published in Chicago and then New York City (1924-1958). The last daily issue was on January 13, 1958.
                                               Thereafter continued as a weekly (or twice weekly) publication until its merger with the former West Coast People’s
                                               Daily World
(then itself a weekly) in 1986 to form the national CPUSA weekly People’s World. (See below.)

People’s Daily World   —   Daily newspaper published in San Francisco (1938-1956); became a weekly in 1957. Merged
                                                                with the former Daily Worker under the name People’s World as a weekly publication in 1986.

People’s World   —   Originally called People’s Weekly World; name shortened later. This is the national CPUSA newspaper formed by
                                                  the 1986 merger of the then weekly newspapers which evolved out of the old People’s Daily World on the West Coast
                                                  and the Daily Worker in New York. Continued as a print publication through 2009, and since January 1, 2010 has
                                                  existed only as an online publication. Below we have just a few representative issues:


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