The Current Crisis Situation in Nepal

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      Nepal has been in a state of political crisis for many decades, but this crisis has reached a new level of intensity recently. It seemed to many that with the ending of the People’s War in 2006 that the resolution of the long-running crisis might come peacefully. The Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) won by far the largest number of votes for any party in the Constituent Elections, and briefly led a govenment. But they were prevented by the Nepal Army and reactionary ruling classes from actually taking full control of the government and society. Since then there have been ineffective governments led by other parties, and now once again by the UCPN(M). But this unstable situation which has characterized Nepal since 2006 has gradually grown more and more severe. It seems the ruling bourgeois and feudal classes, and the serious problems in the UCPN(M) itself, have blocked all hopes for revolutionaries to come to real power through peaceful means.

      The views on this crisis by the UCPN(M), and its leaders, as well as the views of the new party which split away from it in 2011 (the CPN-Maoist are included on other pages on BANNEDTHOUGHT.NET. Below we are starting to collect the views of other people and groups, including the bourgeois/feudal ruling classes in Nepal, and the views of revolutionaries and others both within Nepal and in other countries. Many articles about the situation in Nepal are also available at websites specializing in up-to-date revolutionary news from around the world, such as: Frontlines of Revolutionary Struggle.

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