People’s Truth — The successor to People’s March

      In December 2007 the editor of People’s March, P. Govindan Kutty, was arrested and the magazine was suppressed and banned. After some time Govindan Kutty was released, and though still facing charges, in mid 2008 he began issuing a bulletin with the name People’s Truth, marked with the notation to be circulated privately. However, this bulletin has a lot of good information in it which will be of considerable interest to those following the development of the revolution in India. For this reason we are taking it on ourselves to make this new bulletin available to a wider audience. The newest issues available are listed first:

      People’s Truth now also has a blog site at:

People’s Truth, No. 8 (October 2009)   [PDF: 2,439 KB]   (Posted: Sept. 10, 2009)
      [Note: The content of this issue appears to be identical to first issue of the resumed publication of People’s March, labeled vol. 10, #10, dated Oct. 2009.]
People’s Truth, No. 7 (September 2009)    [PDF: 1,366 KB]   (Posted: Aug. 24, 2009)
      [Note: According to the publisher, this finalized PDF version supersedes the preliminary MS Word compilations of articles which were called “People’s Truth #7” and possibly part of “People’s Truth #8”, both of which are still posted below for a short further time. At least some of the articles which were in “PT #8” are now slated to appear in the October issue, which may revert to the name People’s March if the Indian authorities so allow.]
People’s Truth, No. 8 (September 2009)    [MS Word format: 369 KB; articles only (no title page or graphics).]   (Posted: Aug. 23, 2009)
People’s Truth, No. 7 (August 2009)    [MS Word format: 66 pages, 302 KB; articles only (no title page or graphics).]   (Posted: Aug. 12, 2009)
People’s Truth, No. 6 (July 2009)    [PDF: 996 KB]   (Posted: July 16, 2009)
People’s Truth, No. 5 (April-June 2009)    [PDF: 2,390 KB]   (Posted: June 4, 2009)
People’s Truth, No. 4 (January-March 2009)    [PDF: 1,059 KB]   (Posted: Jan. 11, 2009)
People’s Truth, No. 3 (September-December 2008)    [PDF: 697 KB]
People’s Truth, No. 2 (July 2008)    [PDF: 621 KB]
People’s Truth, No. 1 (May 2008)    [PDF: 754 KB]