Imperialist Support for Counter-Revolution in India
and Indian Government Cooperation with Imperialism

      In order to keep the world's people down and compliant, the reactionary powers of the world often seek alliances and mutual support among themselves. For many decades India received military and other support from the revisionists in the Soviet Union. Since the collapse of Soviet Social-Imperialism, however, the other Superpower, the United States, has been stepping into its shoes in many places around the world. And the U.S. imperialists have been especially concerned to bring India into its orbit, and to help stablize the current reactionary government of India against social revolution by its own people.

      Since the 9/11 events in 2001, the U.S. and India have more and more gravitated toward an informal alliance against Muslim countries in particular. India, of course, has long been in a struggle with Pakistan over disputed lands (especially Kashmir and Jammu whose peoples definitely do not want to be part of India). And U.S. imperialism, of course, has been involved in a new Crusade to maintain control of the oil rich countries of the Mideast, and other countries in north Africa, and the south and southeast Asia regions. Consequently India has been joining the U.S. and Israel in a three-way de facto reactionary alliance against the Arab peoples and the other mostly Islamic cultures of that region.

      As part of our general exposure of the crimes of the reactionary Indian government we will try to bring broader attention to these ties with U.S. imperialism and Israeli Zionism.

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  1. U.S. Military Training, Cooperation & Support for Counter-Revolution in India

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  2. Indian Government Support for U.S. Imperialism

    • [To be added...]

  3. Indian Government Interference in (and Attempted Domination of) Nepal

    • “China’s Growing Role in South Asia”, by Abhishek Parajuli, Daily Times (Pakistan), July 9, 2010, 2 pages. Contrasts China’s increasing role in South Asia to the heavy-handed interference by India in Nepal and other countries in the region.   PDF Version (202 KB)   MS Word Version (36 KB)
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    • “India Likely to Supply 50 Phased-Out Tanks to Nepal”,, Dec. 16, 2009. Also describes other aspects of India’s support of, and penetration into, Nepal’s reactionary Army.   PDF Version (117 KB)   MS Word Version (40 KB)
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  4. Mutual Support Between the Indian Government & Israeli Zionism

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    • “Israel Increasing Military Ties to India”,, circa Nov. 8, 2009.   PDF Version (139 KB)   MS Word Version (28 KB)