Miscellaneous Sympathetic Foreign Commentary on China During the Mao Era

Articles, Pamphlets, Documents, Magazines, etc.

      This page makes available an assortment of pamphlets and articles about China during the Mao era which were prepared by a diverse variety of different organizations and sources, including political publications, friendship organizations, and even religious groups. These sources are generally quite sympathetic to China and the Chinese Revolution.

      Some of the documents here have the file extension “.djvu” and require the WinDjView program to read them. This reader can be obtained for free at:   (Linux users have the capability to read .djvu files integrated into their PDF readers of the major desktops: Okular in KDE, Evince in GNOME.)

      If you have access to other appropriate materials which can and should be scanned and posted here, please contact us at:


Journalism and Other Materials: