Revolutionary Workers Headquarters (U.S.A.)

Documents and Publications Difficult to Find

      The Revolutionary Workers Headquarters was a split-off from the Revolutionary Communist Party, U.S.A. in early 1978. This was the more Economist wing of the RCP, though it also was more dedicated to participating with the masses in their struggles. (These are not one-in-the-same thing!) The remainder of the RCP referred to the RWHq, with considerable justice, as “the Mensheviks”.

      In 1985 the RWHq merged with the Proletarian Unity League and the Organization for Revolutionary Unity to form the Freedom Road Socialist Organization.

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The Worker / Workers Voice

        [The Worker newspaper began publishing in March 1978. In January 1979 its name was changed to Workers Voice. We only have the issues for 1978 and 1979.]

The Young Communist (Formerly Fight Back)

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