Suppression of News in Spain and Political
Statements Prevented from Reaching the People

      In Spain, as in so many other countries, much of the real news about what is happening to the working class and the poor, is suppressed, or at the very least is not widely reported. And for reasons like this the claims that Spain enjoys a true “democracy” and “a free press” are gross exaggerations of the real situation. We at BANNEDTHOUGHT.NET will try to help break down this government and media news embargo.

      In addition there is a wealth of people’s history in Spain, and about the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) in particular, which has been suppressed in both that country and around the world. We will also do our best to make some of that history available again.

      If you know of other suppressed documents and news reports that should be posted here, contact us at:

Partido Comunista de España [Communist Party of Spain]

Gran Marcha Hacia el Comunismo [Long March Towards Communism]
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The Spanish Civil War