The Worker

Organ of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)

Number 9 (February 2004)


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Editorial: Glorious Eight Years    [PDF version: 147 KB]   [MS Word version: 33 KB]

Report From the Battlefield, “The Breakdown of the Ceasefire and Resumption of Military Strike by PLA”, 7 pages.    [PDF version: 156 KB]   [MS Word version: 50 KB]

News & Views, “Worldwide Outrage Against Com. C. P. Gajurel’s Capture”, 2 pages.    [PDF version: 62 KB]   [MS Word version: 32 KB]


On the State & Democracy, by Prachanda, 5 pages.    [PDF version: 95 KB]   [MS Word version: 47 KB]

A Brief Introduction to the Policies of the CPN (Maoist), by Prachanda, 4 pages.    [PDF version: 87 KB]   [MS Word version: 38 KB]

The Question of Building a New Type of State, by Baburam Bhattarai, 26 pages.    [PDF version: 303 KB]   [MS Word version: 123 KB]

Women’s Participation in People’s army, by Parvati, 16 pages.    [PDF version: 249 KB]   [MS Word version: 85 KB]


Present Situation & Our Historical Task, by CPN(Maoist), 16 pages.    [PDF version: 202 KB]   [MS Word version: 91 KB]

Book Reviews:

Proverbial Blind Men’s Portrayal of an Elephant, by Laldhoj, 4 pages.    [PDF version: 155 KB]   [MS Word version: 40 KB]

Underdevelopment & Regional Structure of Nepal [Bhattarai], by AM, 4 pages.    [PDF version: 34 KB]   [MS Word version: 41 KB]

Quotations    [PDF version: 84 KB]   [MS Word version: 31 KB]

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