The Worker

Organ of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)

Number 7 (January 2002)


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Editorial: New Situation, New Opportunities and New Challenges

Interview: Interview with Chairman Prachanda,
      which appeared in the Times of India, Dec. 3, 2001.

      [Includes these reports:]

  • Earth-Shaking Military Actions by the PLA
  • The First National Convention of the People’s Liberation Army, Nepal
  • National Convention of the United Revolutionary People’s Council (URPC)

News & Views:

  • National:
    • Royal Massacre and the Political Crisis
    • Negotiation with the Reactionary State
  • International:
    • Formation of CCOMPOSA
    • 11 September and Its Aftermath

Article: International Organisation of the Proletariat is an Urgent Task, by Gaurav.
      [Includes these sections:]

  • "New War" Situation
  • Taking Lessons from History
  • Real Possibilities

Document: The Great Leap Forward: An Inevitable Need of History.
      This is the full text of the long document presented by Chairman Prachanda and
      adopted by the Second National Conference of the CPN(Maoist) in February 2001.
      [Includes these sections:]

  • Hearty Homage to the Great and Immortal Martyrs
  • International Communist Movement and Its Historical Lessons
  • Some Fundamental Characteristics of the International Situation
  • The Situation in South Asia
  • On the National Situation
    • General Review of History
    • On the Synthesis of the Nepalese Communist Movement
  • Additional Points on the Party History and the Process of Ideological Synthesis
    • A. Struggle Against neo-Revisionism of the Fourth and
      Fifth Congresses and Party Unity
    • B. Struggle Against Rightist Liquidationism and Evolution
      of Strategy and Tactics of the Nepalese People’s War
    • C. Struggle of the Party after the Launching of People’s War
    • D. Party Unity Between Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) and
      Communist Party of Nepal (Mashal) and its Significance
  • On Three Instruments of Revolution
    • 1. On Party Building
    • 2. On the Formation of Army and Military Line
    • 3. On the New Democratic State and
      Development of the United Front
    • 4. On Party Mass-Line
  • A Great Achievement
  • Great Leap Forward and Sketch of Future Plan

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