The Worker

Organ of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)

Number 5 (October 1999)


Front Cover

Editorial: Advance in the Great Direction of Creating Base Areas!

A Tribute:
Heroic Martyrdom of Com. Suresh Wagle

Statement on the Historic Occasion of the Third Anniversary of the People’s War, by Prachanda, Feb. 13, 1999.

Experiences of the People’s War and Some Important Questions [from the Fourth Expanded Meeting of the Central Committee of the CPN(Maoist)].


  • Third Turbulent Year of People’s War: A General Review, by Com. Prachanda.
    [Includes these sections:]
    1. Background
    2. Wave of People’s Support and Emergence of Local People’s Power
    3. Barbaric Feature of Enemy’s Strategy
    4. Revisionism: The Other Side of Reactionary Coin
    5. Fourth Extended Meeting of the Party Amidst Repression and Resistance
    6. Declaration of New Decisions and Reactions to Them
    7. Process of Qualitative Development in People’s Military Capacity
    8. Parliamentary Election: Another Ploy of Reactionary Conspiracy
    9. Conclusion
  • Unfolding Glorious Heritage!, by Com. Gaurav
  • Women’s Participation in People’s War in Nepal, by Com. Parvati.
    [Includes these sections:]
    • Introduction
    • Sources of Women’s Oppression
      • Women’s Economic Oppression
      • Women’s Social Oppression
      • Women’s Political Oppression
    • Women and New Democratic Revolution
    • Revolutionary Trend in Women’s Mass Organisation
    • Women’s Participation in People’s War in Nepal
    • Role of People’s War in Women’s Transformation
    • Role of Revolutionary Party in Mobilising the Women
    • Conclusion

News and Views — National:
      [Includes these sections:]

  • ‘Disappearance’: New Form of Genocide?
  • The Farcical Parliamentary Elections
  • The ‘Masal’ Group Splits Again

News and Views — International:
      [Includes these sections:]

  • Historic Delhi Rally [on the theme of “Solidarity Forum to support the People’s War in Nepal”]
  • Statement of RIM [A letter to the CPN(Maoist) from the Committee of RIM on the third anniversary of the initiation of People’s War.]
  • Statement of LCUCI (Sarbedaran) [Letter to the CPN(Maoist) on the third anniversary of the initiation of People’s War.]
  • Statement of CoRIM [Statment on the Capture of Comrade Feliciano in Peru.]

Statement of the CPN(Maoist) on the Martyrdom of Com. Suresh Wagle

[Back cover illustration: Enlargement of photo of martyred Com. Suresh Wagle, 1953-1999.]

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