The Worker

Organ of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)

Number 4 (May 1998)

Cover photos of guerrillas on march, and
of immortal martyr Com. Vijay Ghale.
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Editorial: Develop Guerrilla Warfare to New Heights

Press Communique of the Central Military Commission, C.P.N. (Maoist), February 13, 1998.

Reports from the Battlefield
[Includes these reports:]

  • Military Exploits of People’s Guerrillas
  • More Martyrs in the Altar of Revolution
  • Fury of Women is Unleashed
  • Revolutionary Peasant’s Struggle on the Rise


  • Com. Prachanda: Two Momentous Years of Revolutionary Transformation
    [Includes these sections:]
    1. Introduction
    2. Two Years of People’s War and the Condition of the Reactionary State
    3. Role of People’s War in the Development of the Three Instruments of Revolution
      • A. The Party
      • B. The Revolutionary United Front
      • C. The People’s Army
    4. Role of People’s War in the Development of Revolutionary Mass Organisation and Mass Movement
    5. Role of People’s War in Exposing the Revisionists
    6. People’s War and the Expansion and Consolidation of International Relations
    7. Conclusion
  • Com. Baburam Bhattarai: Politico-Economic Rationale of People’s War in Nepal
    [Includes these sections:]
    • 1.0 Context and Theoretical Premises
    • 2.0 The External Relations and Processes: Oppression of Imperialism and Expansionism
      • 2.1 The Imperialist Oppression
      • 2.2 The Expansionist Oppression
    • 3.0 Internal Social and Spatial (Regional) Relations
      • 3.1 Semi-feudal Relations and Retardation in Agriculture
      • 3.2 Decline of Industry and Expansion of Comprador and Bureaucratic Capital
      • 3.3 Regional Inequality and the Nationality Question
    • 4.0 The Economic Policy, Programme and Process of the New Democratic Revolution
      • 4.1 Economic Development Policy
        • A. Revolutionary Change of Production Relations
        • B. Independent and Self-reliant Development
        • C. Planned Development
        • D. Balanced Development
      • 4.2 Economic Development Programme
        • A. Revolutionary Land Reform
        • B. National Industrialisation
        • C. Regional Balance and Integrated Development
      • 4.3 The Process of Revolutionary Transformation
        • A. Dialectical Process of Destruction and Creation
        • B. Transitional Capitalism and Continuous Revolution
    • Statistical Tables
  • Com. Biswas: People’s War and the Problem of Development of United Front

News & Views:

  • National:
    • Historic Nepal Bandh on April 6 [1998]
    • The Renegade UML Clique Splits
  • International:
    • May Day Message from the Committee of RIM

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