The Worker

Organ of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)

Number 3 (February 1997)

Poster issued by Central Regional
Bureau of the Party on the First
Anniversary of the People’s War.


Editorial: Long Live the People’s War!

Statement: To the Immortal Martyrs of the People’s War

Com. Tirtha Gautam: A Great Proletarian Revolutionary
and Hero of the People’s War

One Year of People’s War in Nepal: A Review
      [Includes these sections:]

  • The Background
    • The Objective Conditions
    • The Subjective Conditions
  • The First Plan: Initiation & Continuation
  • The Second Plan: Planned Development of Guerilla Warfare
  • The Implications, Lessons & Future Perspective

[Short Reports:]

Document: Strategy and Tactics of Armed Struggle in Nepal
      (Adopted by the Third Plenum of the CC of the CPN(Maoist) in March 1995.)
      [Includes these sections:]

  • Historical Background
  • Nepalese Communist Movement and the Question of Armed Struggle
  • The Nature, Target and Motivating Force of Armed Struggle in Nepal
  • The Problem of Strategy and Tactics of Armed Struggle in Nepal
  • Some Important Questions Regarding Initiation of Armed Struggle

News & Views:

  • National:
    • Mahakali Treaty: Another Sell-out of Water Resources in Nepal
    • Further Degeneration of the UML Clique
    • Neo-Revisionist Tirade Against RIM
  • International:
    • [India:] People’s War Guerillas Raid Police Stations & Seize Arms
    • Second Conference of MCC Held
    • Free Mumia Abu-Jamal!
    • Turkish Revolutionaries Celebrate 25th Anniversary

Greetings from RCP-USA

Back Cover: “Immortal Martyr Com. Tirtha Gautam” [Photo: to be added.]

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