Volume 7, No. 7, August-September-October, 2006





The Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) and the Communist Party of India (Maoist) jointly re-assert their firm commitment to proletarian internationalism, mutual fraternal relations, on the basis of MLM. All tactical questions being adopted in the respective countries are the sole concern of the parties operating there. Both parties will seek to learn from the positive experiences of the other party as also the experiences of the Maoists who comprise the ICM.

While doing so we shall continue debates on ideological, political and strategic issues on which we differ in the true democratic traditions of the international communist movement. These debates and discussions will take place bilaterally and also, occasionally, publicly. Such differences are inevitable as struggles in the sphere of ideas are inevitable in a class society, which, as Engels said, is a reflection of the class struggle in society.

Lately a section of the media has tried to blow out of proportion differences that have been expressed by the two parties publicly. It is in the interests of the reactionaries that Maoists divide and split continuously. It is then no wonder that a section of the media has sought to exaggerate the differences in India and Nepal..

The two parties once again re-assert their firm unity in the spirit f proletarian internationalism while continuing healthy debates and discussions on issues on which we differ.


The CPN(Maoist) and CPI(Maoist) jointly condemn the brutal attack of the America-backed Israeli regime against the people of Lebanon. In the name Of attacking the guerrilla resistances they have resorted to mass massacre, killing about 1,000 and displacing 25% of the population of Lebanon. The Zionist genocidal regime, acting as the front paw of the US imperialists, is becoming more and more fierce throughout the world, and this is yet another adventure against an independent country.

Not satisfied by being bogged down in Iraq and Afghanistan, the US stooges are facing stiff resistance in Lebanon. The attack on Lebanon is fraught with great dangers as the forces fighting there have the strong backing of Syria and Iran. If the war escalates it can engulf the entire West Asia.

Even in South Asia the US imperialists are more and more openly intervening in the countries of the region. Particularly in Nepal and India they have been directly intervening in the suppression of the Maoist movements. As part of their direct intervention the US officers have themselves been training the RNA and even entering every sphere of society to subvert the ongoing anti-monarchial movement. In India the US diplomats have been openly visiting Chhatisgargh and the military-run jungle warfare camp as part of their plans to suppress the Maoists.

We, the Maoist parties of Nepal and India strongly condemn the blatant aggression of Lebanon and call for the immediate withdrawal of all Israeli troop and an end to the bombing of civilian targets by the Zionists. The two parties also call for the immediate end to the interference by the US in the internal affairs of Nepal and India and the other countries of South Asia.



CPI (Maoist)



CCM CPN(Maoist)

August 8, 2006





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