Volume 7, No. 7, August-September-October, 2006


Comrade Madhav’s life—an inspiration to revolutionaries



Comrade Madhav hails from a poor backward Caste peasant family of Mangapeta village in Karimnagar district. He joined the Party in 1980 inspired by the armed agrarian revolutionary movement in North Telangana which was surging ahead. His native district of Karimnagar was in the forefront of the anti-feudal struggle that shook the entrenched age-old feudal establishment. In the early 1980s, the then CPI(ML)[People’s War] decided to extend the armed struggle to areas outside North Telangana. Comrade Madhav readily shifted to South Telangana in 1985 responding to the call given by the Party. He was one of the founders of the movement in Mahboobnagar district. He became the district secretary in 1989 and later a member of the regional committee of south Telangana. He was elected to the AP state committee in the state conference in 2000 and became incharge of entire south Telangana. He became the secretary of APSC in August 2005. Though he did not have much formal education, in the course of the class struggle, he constantly improved his political and theoretical level through deep study. This depth of knowledge was reflected in his active intervention in debates during the 9th Congress. Also, the fact that the enemy, in spite of intensively targeting him, could not approach him for a whole two decades, stands testimony to his high military sense. Comrade Madhav has always been a down-to-earth organizer and won the love and affection of all comrades and the masses through his simplicity, hard work, comradely attitude towards one and all, fearlessness when confronted by the enemy, and constant encouragement that he gave to the cadres in times of extreme difficulties. Martyrdom of com Madhav is a great loss to the entire party and Indian revolution, particularly to the revolutionary movement in AP.

The exemplary communist values set by comrade Madhav will be a model to be emulated by all Party members. His martyrdom will not dampen, but further steel the temper and resolve of the Party ranks, the valiant PLGA fighters, the members of revolutionary mass organisations and the revolutionary masses, driving them with redoubled spirit to continue the struggle with greater steadfastness in order to defeat the fascist enemy offensive in AP by intensifying the people’s war and through mass political mobilizations.

 “We are proud that our sons and daughters had died for people’s cause”, say the parents of the martyrs.

I reject the offer made by this blood-thirsty government”—Madhav’s son Karthik

Home Minister Jana Reddy, after ordering the killing of comrade Madhav and seven other comrades in Nallamala forest, “magnanimously” declared that one member from Madhav’s family would be provided job and his son would be given free education and later a  job. This announcement was condemned by Madhav’s brother as a shameful drama and a cruel joke enacted by the Home Minister who was trying to gain the sympathy of the people after ordering the murder of his brother. Madhav’s 15-year-old son, Karthik, who had just completed his tenth class and entered first year of Intermediate course, laughed at the offer made by the Minister.

When reporters asked him what he thought of the offer made by the minister to provide him education and job, he said he was deeply disturbed that the very same government that killed his father came out with such a proposal. He also said he would spit on the face of the fellow who made such a proposal. He said it is a cruel joke on the part of the government to offer help after murdering his father and that he would never take help from a government that was killing innocent people. He also said that he had no ill-will towards his father even though the latter never saw him. Instead, he had great regard for his father and was proud that he died for the people’s cause. His only regret was whether he would at least be able to see his mother, Com. Vasantha, who left him while in the cradle, due to her dedication to revolution.

The parents of comrade Vishwanath, Chandrayya and Pochamma, said that they were proud to see their son lay down his life for the people’s cause. Though they were sad to hear of his death they were also proud to have given birth to such a son. Later, it turned out, that Vishwanath was not among the dead. Rajita alias Susheela’s mother Prabhavati lauded her daughter’s courage in working for the people in the midst of police repression, castigated the government as a murderer and predicted that YSR’s police state would meet its fate in the hands of the people.

Laxmi, a friend of Sangeeta from Medak district, said Sangeeta’s martyrdom was great as she had served the people and had sacrificed her life heroically in the people’s struggle. She said she would propagate the ideals and achievements of her friend. 





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