Volume 7, No. 7, August-September-October, 2006


The Errabore Incident & Advance of People’s War


On the night of July 16th over 1,000 villagers raided the Salwa Judum (concentration) camp at Errabore in which hundreds of villagers are being forcibly detained by the para-military forces under the direct supervision of the notorious SPOs (Special Police Officers). While the main forces of the PLGA held at bay the police/para-military forces in their camp the villagers sought to free the innocent villagers and take action on the notorious SPOs. In the process about 30 SPOs and Salwa Judum goons were killed and 10 villagers were injured. In the commotion that ensued in the darkness it was unfortunate that two children also lost their lives. The SPOs and SJ hoodlums are known to use the people and even children as shields for their protection, knowing the Naxalites will not harm them. But in the darkness this was not possible and the unfortunate incident also occurred.

This action has broken the back of the Salwa Judum terror; the ruling classes have been forced to re-think their Salwa Judum strategy of using civilian tribals as the front paw of their military plans. They will no doubt come with a more sophisticated military plan now.

A statement issued by the Dandarkaranya Special Zonal Committee dated July 28th of the CPI(Maoist) had this to say about the Errabore action:

"In Dantewada the so-called welfare camps are being run by the SPOs and goons (called SJ cadres). They oppress the people in the camps and keep a watch over their every movement. If anyone wants to return to the village they are beaten and forcibly kept there. The police/para-military do not directloy guard the camps but keep them in the vicinity of their camps so that they can act as a shield for their protection. It is these same SPOs and goons that have wrecked havoc in the Konta, Dornapal, areas. Together with the police and the para-military they created a terror in the area — killing people in the village, gang-raping women, burning houses, looting property, shooting people at random in the fields, preventing agriculture, etc. without wiping out these elements it would be impossible for the people to of this region to live in peace.

It was in response to the feeling of the masses that the PLGA pinned down the police and para-military forces while the masses attacked the SPOs in the camp. In the intensive battle between the villagers and the SPOs about 30 SPOs were killed and 10 comrades injured. In the commotion resulting from the darkness two children were also killed, which was very sad. Our people’s militia arrested 42 people of which 6 were sentenced to death while the others were released as they were not hardcore criminals and it is not our intention to hurt ordinary people.

We once again repeat that the SJ is no spontaneous movement of the Adivasis but it is a repression campaign being carried out in the interests of the likes of Tata, Essar, and the TNCs of the US and japan who have vast mining interests in the region. And in order to clear the path for these businesses to rob our minerals they are prepared to kill hundreds of thousands of people. The people of Bastar will definitely destroy this conspiracy against them. Some middle class liberal intellectuals say "whether the bullets come from this side or that, it is only the poor Adivasis who are dying" and so criticise the just resistance of the people. But by doing such criticism they are indirectly acting to strengthen the hands of the government. This is a revolt — a revolt of the oppressed Adivasis of of Bastar who have seen their women raped, their children tortured and killed, their houses and crops burnt, by a fake democratic system, and who are striving for a real new democracy for the people. We appeal to all democrats to oppose this Salwa Judum and support our just resistance struggle and thereby save the Adivasis from destruction, displacement, and death. In the course of our activities we do make mistakes which you please openly criticise, we will also accept it, but because of these do not oppose the just struggle of the people." (Extracts from the Hindi original statement, translated)

Many an intellectual have come out in criticism against the action at Errabore, but this itself would not have taken place if the SJ and terror had not been unleashed by the State. If the Maoists were to have sat there ‘peacefully’ they would have continued their massacre, rapes, destruction and looting. The losses would have been far worse. Not only that the intellectuals sometimes have a myopic vision and do not see the long-term implications of such an action. For centuries these people were kept in total darkness with no development whatsoever. The Maoists after establishing their power have conducted developmental projects, built tanks, schools, brought medical facilities, fish farming, agricultural techniques and fruit and vegetables, forestation programmes and put an end their loot by politicians, police, traders, bureaucrats, et al. but now with this massive military campaign the development projects have had to be temporarily curtailed. Besides the final aim of the rulers is to totally wipe out the adivasis and clear the forest for the giant mining mafia ready to enter the region armed with MoUs.

Some so-called intellectual have gone to extremes n their condemnation of this action. A Marathi magazine brought out by the top leaders of the Namada Bachao Andolan had severely castigated the action in their Aug 2006 issue (From Andolan-Shashwat Vikasasathi ). They went to the extent of entitling the article: Not revolutionaries, Obnoxious Agents! Then they went on to say:

On 18th July Naxalites from Chattisgarh launched an attack on the adivasi camp at Errabore in Dantewada dist and killed 32 tribals with sharp weapons. No mercy was shown to small children, old people. Then they kidnapped 25 people and in order to terrorise the villagers killed 5 of them in their presence.

While condemning this Errabore incident we must note that they have not touched big govt officers, industrialists, and the national and international corporates, ministers, leaders, top police officers who are swallowing the forest lands from Chhathisgarh to Orissa. All progressive organizations should take note of the fact that the Naxalites take money from big industrialists and politicians, give them protection and kill poor, unprotected adivasis and ordinary policemen. This is a self revolt against the people. This group is behaving like a private sena of these industrialists. The so-called Peace campaign salwa judum started by the Govt against NX in Ch. is leading to displacement of tribals. Their condition is really miserable. But, in order to oppose Salwa Judum killing our own tribal brothers cruelly or laying mines to kill ordinary policemen , if these so-called revolutionaries are going to do such atrocious (obnoxious) actions then ordinary people’s faith in other progressive movements will become less.

Because of these actions the reports that Naxalites are conducting development works in their "liberated" areas seem artificial and cunning. If the Naxalites want to improve their image among people’s organizations and faith then they should show the courage to raise their hands against the exploiters.

There are some honest activists and organizations having sympathy for and contacts with Naxalite groups. They should atleast educate these headstrong and stubborn comrades. Those who commit atrocities against and act vengefully against ordinary people can never be progressive or revolutionary. Unbounded love for the people is the foundation of revolt and revolution, this is what Che Geuvara said years ago, Mao also laid the foundation of such a liberal and pro-people revolution. If not anyone else, then the Naxalites should listen to what their Gods have to say.

This is a statement by those who profess to be on the side of the poor. Such a crude lie that This group is behaving like a private sena of these industrialists, even the worst of reactionaries find it difficult to make. The NBA might have its non-violent methods (which have not achieved much) but to turn white into black in the name of non-violence is just what the reactionaries would like. The police do it well; it is surprising to find the NBA on the same plane as the police.

The point is that in the face of a gigantic Raksha the people have only two options: get swallowed up by it or resist it. The NBA have allowed the former, the Naxalites are attempting the latter. It is time these advocates of non-violence reflect on their two decades of passive struggle and see, relatively what the Naxalites have achieved — if they are honest to the people. And as for the point of Unbounded love for the people as the foundation of revolt and revolution, there is no all encompassing love. If you really love the beautiful flower you would have to kill the insect or the love for the flower would prove hollow. And if you really love the people you have to destroy the fascists and their army of hoodlums. Waxing eloquent about non-violence, where the oppressed masses face violence daily, nay hourly, and at every second of their life, shows a lack of sensitivity and knowledge of what is taking place at the ground level.




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