Volume 7, No. 7, August-September-October, 2006


Hold High the Prestigious Red Flag of the CPI (Maoist) Party!

Celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of Party Formation from 21 to 27 Sept !!


At a time when the moribund global imperialist economic system is caught in deep crisis and is facing severe political turmoil, the birth of the CPI (Maoist) and the formation of the PLGA through the merger of the two erstwhile Maoist Parties and Peoples’ Guerrilla Armies on 21 September 2004 was indeed a historic event. The third formation day of the Party is approaching. Just in these two years, the Party has gained an important place of its own in a fast-changing international and national situation.

Today, the gang leader of imperialism — American imperialism — the other imperialist forces, their various comprador political parties and the bureaucracy, the feudal forces perceive the CPI(Maoist) as the greatest threat to their interests in the country. Is it anything surprising? No! Not at all. The fascist American imperialism that attacks any country arrogantly just on the pretext of threat to its country, included the Party in its "terrorist" list. In India; the United Progressive Alliance (UPA)-led Central Government declared that the CPI (Maoist) is the greatest problem to the security of the country overtaking the insurgency in Jammu & Kashmir. American imperialism has been extending all kinds of political and military support to the Indian government to crush the newly formed Party. Various kinds of joint military exercises, imparting specialized counter-insurgency training to the Indian police and military forces to combat revolutionary guerrilla war, opening of FBI (American intelligence machinery) office in Delhi, signing of the Indo-US nuclear deal and various other pacts – all these have become established facts today.

The Central and various state governments have established a joint task force under the Joint Operational Command (JOC) to suppress the people’s war and have fully engaged their repressive machinery against the Party. Feeling helpless in spite of these measures, the central and various state governments have drawn up plans to increase the battalions of the police forces and the CRPF in a big way. These forces are being equipped with sophisticated weaponry, explosives, launchers, mine-proof vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles etc. The enemy intelligence network is being expanded from the countryside to the cities, from the state capitals to Delhi, as well as in Washington to deal with the Maoist "threat". The informer network is being expanded in a planned manner and covert agents are being sent within the Party and the movement in order to eliminate the leadership and to sabotage the movement.

In the past two years two PB members of the Party—comrades Barunda and Vijayda—were arrested, a CC member and secretary of Wes Bengal state committee, comrade Tapas, was arrested along with some state committee members, members of various Party committees, organizers, Party members and sympathizers. A few months back, a fast track court had given a verdict sentencing comrade Barun to five years imprisonment and comrades Tapas and Pratul to life imprisonment. In less than two years, over 500 comrades of the Party, (over 300 in the past ten months) became martyrs. Among the heroic martyrs are veteran Party leaders such as PB member comrade Shamsher Singh Sheri, comrade Saketh Rajan, secretary of the Karnataka state committee, comrade Naemuddin (Ravi), secretary of Uttar Bihar-Uttar Pradesh-Uttarakhand Special Area Committee, comrade Madhav, secretary of AP state committee, comrade Ravi Kumar alias Sridhar, AP state secretariat member, comrade Yadanna, a member of NTSZC, comrade Mangthu, a member of the DKSZC and SMC member, several members of regional, Zonal/divisional/district, sub-zone and area Party committees, members of Party cells, brave commanders and fighters of the companies and platoons, LGS and LOS, people’s militia units of the PLGA, leaders and activists of revolutionary mass organizations, and members of the revolutionary masses had laid down their lives fighting heroically with the state’s forces and the reactionary forces.

Since the past one year the UPA-led central government and the BJP’s Chattisgarh government had unleashed a massive armed counter-revolutionary campaign against the Party in Dandakaranya in the name of Salwa Judum or peace campaign. Directly led by the comprador-feudal Mahendra Karma of the Congress, the campaign is carried out by the Naga Force, CRPF, the Chhathisgarh special police force, Greyhounds of AP by mobilizing and arming the lumpen and reactionary elements among the adivasis. At least 125 villages have been burnt and totally destroyed by these Salwa Judum goondas. 150 people belonging to the revolutionary mass organizations, organs of political power, and people sympathetic to the revolutionary movement had been murdered. Over 500 villagers were forcibly vacated and 50,000 adivasis were uprooted from their homes and placed in special camps under police control. Censorship has been imposed on the media.

The exploiting ruling classes, while unleashing this campaign of murder, loot and terror, have tried to cover this up under a democratic mask by portraying salwa judum as an independent uprising of adivasis against the Maoists and that the state has no role in it. But they had failed to achieve their objective and to fool the people. The Party succeeded in exposing it politically and countering it militarily. At least 60 policemen and CRPF personnel were annihilated in DK in the past one year. Almost 200 goondas and leaders of salwa Judum including many Special Police Officers (SPOs) were consumed by the people’s fury.

During this period, the ruling classes stepped up their suppression campaign in AP, particularly in the Nallamala forest region by deploying huge specially-trained police forces like the Greyhounds and central forces. They specially targeted the Party leadership and succeeded in causing heavy losses to the Party mainly through their extensive informer network. By using their vigilante gangs like Cobras and Tigers, they also attacked the activists and leaders of revolutionary mass organisations and democratic intellectuals.

The successful politico-military campaign by the forces had not only pushed back the offensive by the state in the name of Salwa Judum but also created schisms within and between the various ruling class political parties. The retaliatory military actions and tactical counter-offensive operations had inspired the Party cadre, PLGA fighters and the entire masses of not only of Dandakaranya but also throughout the country. The Party also succeeded in recruiting people into the three wings of PLGA and in further advancing the people’s war.

The tactical counteroffensive campaign and retaliatory military operations by the PLGA and the armed masses under the leadership of the Party in other parts of the country too had advanced considerably during this period creating good political impact. The daring Madhuban multiple raid in north Bihar; the historic ‘Operation Jail Break’ of Jehanabad; the massive raid and seizure of 200 arms from the Homeguard training camp in Giridih in Jharkhand; the multiple raid and jail break in R Udayagiri in Orissa; the attack on the special police camp in Murkinaar, killing 11 policemen and seizing nearly 50 arms, killing of 24 CRPF troops by blasting the mine-proof vehicle in Padeda, annihilation of 10 Naga Battalion jawans, raids and ambushes on the police and CRPF at several places in DK (Chattisgarh); attack on the CRPF camp in Jhumra in Jharkhand—all these show the onward march of the people’s war and the superiority of the guerilla tactics of counteroffensive undertaken by the forces in spite of the massive suppression campaign by the state. Overall, about 200 personnel of the state police and the central para-military forces have been killed and arms, ammunition and explosives have been seized from the enemy on a considerable scale.

The Indian revolution has great significance in the world revolution due to the size of the country. The success of the revolution in India will have an earth-shaking impact not only on the new democratic revolutions in semi-colonial, semi-feudal countries but also on the proletarian socialist revolutions in the imperialist and capitalist countries. That is why the imperialists and the reactionaries all the world over led by the US imperialists have seriously taken up the task of suppressing the Party which is leading the Indian revolution. As the vanguard of the Indian proletariat, which is an important detachment of the world proletariat, the Party too has to relentlessly fight ideologically, politically and practically against all forms of bourgeois and revisionist ideas, political lines, conspiracies and offensives, be vigilant against the emergence of non-proletarian trends and ideology and rectify them continuously until final victory.

CPI(Maoist) is heir to those Maoist Parties that had taken up armed agrarian revolution and protracted people’s war from the very beginning and adhered to it consistently as the only means to smash the semi-colonial, semi-feudal system in the country in order to establish socialism and communism after passing through the stage of new democracy. They had engaged in anti-feudal, anti-imperialist armed agrarian guerilla war and building the revolutionary mass movement from the very beginning and won the confidence of the masses. The Party has been striving to fight against the oppression, injustice, and all forms of atrocities let loose on the exploited toiling classes, nationalities, dalits and other backward castes, adivasis, oppressed women and religious minorities, middle classes, and other sections of people and to secure the social and political rights snatched away from them. This task has to be given greater emphasis by stepping up the efforts to organize all the above-mentioned sections of the people. We must step up the efforts to organize the unemployed youth and people deprived of the basic needs of livelihood.

Today, due to the imperialist offensive in the form of globalization-privatisation-liberalisation, the toiling people of the entire world, particularly the people of semi-colonial countries, are adversely effected. And, due to its semi-colonial semi-feudal character, all spheres of economy, society, polity and culture of the country are effected. Vast sections of the people are groaning under the oppressive burden of these pro-imperialist policies. Lakhs of workers in the industrial and service sectors are being retrenched. Wages of the working class are being frozen. No new jobs are created resulting in massive unemployment of the youth. Thousands of peasants are becoming pauperized and committing suicide. The Onslaught of imperialist culture has made women into commodities for sex and has made life highly insecure for the vast majority of women. Due to the massive cuts in expenditure for healthcare, hitherto unknown or rarely-occurring diseases have now become common and are spreading like epidemic. Education has become the prerogative of the rich and the privileged as funds for education have been reduced drastically. The offensive of the MNCs has ruined domestic and household industry, and the handloom sector, pushing the workers to suicides and into the reserve army of unemployed. The informal sector has burgeoned as imperialist and comprador capital finds it more profitable to subcontract much of their work. Lakhs of adivasis and other sections of the peasantry are being displaced to make way for so-called big development projects. In the urban areas, slum demoli-tion is in full swing to cater to the needs of technology and amusement parks, special economic zones, five star hotels, multiplex complexes, shopping malls and big corporations. All this has created more favourable conditions for organizing the masses militantly on their life and death issues and to bring them to the side of revolution.

In such a situation, the exploiting ruling classes have no other alternative but to step up their armed offensive on the people and it is only the CPI (Maoist) that is equipped to lead them. And the people too have no other alternative than to take to the path of militant revolutionary struggle. That is why the formation of the CPI(Maoist) and the unification of the two guerilla armies had enthused the toiling masses who look towards the newly-unified Party to provide them leadership.

The Party shoulders the responsibility of leading the vast masses on their day-to-day demands, intensifying and expanding the anti-feudal, anti-imperialist struggles throughout the country, and advancing the people’s war to the next higher stage by defeating the all-round offensive of the enemy. The Party shoulders the responsibility of recruiting thousands upon thousands of working class and peasant youth into the guerilla army to transform it into a PLA, of transforming the guerilla zones into Base Areas, Red resistance zones into guerilla zones, create many more new zones of armed struggle, transform the urban areas into strong bastions of revolutionary activity with strictly underground Party structures and thus expand the people’s war throughout the country.

The great leaders and teachers, comrades CM and KC, had fought uncompromisingly against the revisionism of all hues, established the path of protracted people’s war and area-wise seizure of power, and conducted struggles, internal and external, in the most difficult period of history. The Party has seen many ups and downs in the long history of 37 years, built the armed agrarian revolutionary struggle from scratch in a few small pockets and has now expanded the struggle to several states. Thousands of comrades have sacrificed their lives in the course of advancing the people’s war. By firmly relying on the ideology of MLM and applying the dialectical materialist method to solve the problems confronting the revolutionary movement, adhering to the revolutionary mass line and the path of PPW, and deriving inspiration from comrades CM and KC, and thousands of the heroic selfless martyrs and avoiding the mistakes committed in the past, the Party can certainly fulfill the diverse tasks of the Indian revolution.

On the occasion of the completion of two years of the formation of the Party let the masses and democratic and revolutionary forces throughout the country commemorate this historic week by taking the ideals of the Party and its programme and tactics deep amongst the masses of the Country. Take up extensive propaganda campaigns regarding the political and ideological line and policies of the Party and the achievements of the New Democratic Revolution of India; the cherished aims and goals of the martyrs, their invaluable sacrifices, and their exemplary lives and high communist values which they upheld. Propagate the ideology of MLM and its historical development with special emphasis on the struggle against revisionism. Let this commemoration become a festival of the people propagating its goals through song, dance, skits, plays, posters, exhibitions, handbills, and new and creative methods of propaganda and agitation.




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