Volume 6, No. 3, March 2005


Maad People Celebrate Formation of CPI(Maoist)

{Reports are coming in from all over the country of the enormous enthusiasm being generated by the oppressed people of the country on hearing the news of the merger between the MCCI and the PW and the formation of the CPI(Maoist). The formation of a united proletarian party in the country has aroused the hopes and aspirations of the entire people of the country, particularly those within the progressive camp, desiring change. Here we print a report from the Maad area of Bastar in the region of Dandakaranya.}


It was Oct. 15th early morning. The cadres were going about there morning chores. As usual, simultaneously they were listening to the radio. Suddenly they heard news : "the PW and the MCCI have merged to form the CPI(Maoist)". There was euphoria throughout the camp. Instant celebrations began.

It is ironic, one of the most backward people in the country trying to assimilate the most forward ideology in the world. For over half a century of this so-called independence the people in the Maad were completely ignored and lived practically in an animal-state with no amenities; not even clothes. It was only once the Maoists came, that they have developed and been brought to civilization. Not only that, they are now seeking to develop themselves by acquiring modern knowledge and Marxism. Of course, in 1910 the Maad Adivasis had risen in revolt against the British exploiters in the "Mahan Bhoomkal" rebellion. Though brutally crushed then for want of proper leadership, today they are rising once again. So the importance of the formation of the CPI(Maoist) and the increased strength of the people’s army, the PLGA, was not lost on them.

As soon as the announcement was heard a huge rally and meeting was organised in the Indravati Area on 19th Oct. 2004. Nearly 15,000 adivasi men, women and children turned out in their holiday best along with their traditional musical instruments. Speakers elaborated on the historic importance of the formation of the CPI(Maoist) and explained how it was bound to bring a leap in the Indian revolution. Since the name of both the Party and the army were new, slogans were repeated often to familiarize the people with the new names. The presence of the divisional team of the CNM in the rally electrified the atmosphere with their cultural performances. The highlights of these performances were the songs and dances of the Adivasi children aged between six and twelve.

In Daula area, as soon as the announcement was heard, they put up posters and banners in the villages and market place. Later when the call of the Central Committee (Provisional) was conveyed to celebrate the formation, during the week of Nov.7 to 13th, massive programmes were planned throughout Maad division. Accordingly, big rallies were held in the Daula, Kohkametta, Paralkot and Indravati areas. A division level meeting was also held where people from all the areas converged for the celebrations. In total 12 meetings were held in which about 50 thousand people participated. Pamphlets were distributed and banners, posters were put up in large numbers in all the villages, market places and nearby towns. All these programmes ensured that the message of the campaign reached each corner of the Maad division and also the nearby towns. The divisional CNM wrote a song for the occasion and hundreds of CNM team members gave performances in these meetings. They had red ribbons on which "CPI(Maoist) zindabad" and "PLGA zindabad" was written, which conveyed the message in a poignant manner.

Numerous journalists came and covered the events in a big way by giving photos, reports and interviews in the front pages of the local papers, which helped convey the message to the general masses of Chattisgarh.





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