Hóngqí [Red Flag] Magazine

The Theoretical Journal of the Communist Party of China (1958-1988)

      Hσngqν [Red Flag] was the Chinese language theoretical journal of the Communist Party of China from 1958 to 1988. It was a monthly magazine from 1958 until 1979, and then became twice-monthly. During the early-middle part of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution its publication was suspended (from December 1967 to July 1968), but after it resumed publication it became an extremely important revolutionary leadership force during the rest of the Maoist socialist era, along with the newspapers People’s Daily and People’s Liberation Army Daily.

      Hσngqν was given its name by Mao and the Chinese characters used for the journal’s masthead were in Mao’s calligraphy. Its first editor was Mao’s secretary, Chen Boda. It was the successor to the earlier CCP theoretical journal Xuexi [Study]. The capitalist-roaders replaced the by-then already totally revisionist Hσngqν journal with a new twice-monthly journal, Qiúshì [“Seeking Truth” (Ha!)], in July 1988.

      The Joint Publications Research Service of the U.S. government translated many of the issues of Hσngqν into English, and some of these issues, from 1982-1983, are now available here. (Of course it must be recognized that JPRS translations are unofficial and are often notoriously sloppy.)

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